TIMEPAC joins workshop on Measuring Building Performance and Operational Rating at Sustainable Places 2022

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TIMEPAC joins fellow EU funded projects involved in energy efficiency in buildings in workshop at Sustainable Places 2022 designed to explore the next generation of Energy Performance Certification  

How can we be effective in achieving the EU’s climate and energy goals in the context of buildings? Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are becoming the centerpiece of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) of the EU and are soon to be used as a reference for financing building performance activities. However, several challenges remain before their broad, pan-European implementation.

To explore a common framework for the next generation of EPCs, join Giovanna De Luca from Politecnico di Torino who will represent TIMEPAC alongside partners from several other EU-funded projects working on energy efficiency in buildings, during the hybrid session (in Nice and online): “Measuring Building Performance and Operational Rating” on September 7th at the Sustainable Places Conference 2022.


View the recording of the session here: 




For more details on the event go to: Sustainable Places Conference 2022