Welcome to the TIMEPAC Academy:

Where Experts Shape Europe's New Energy Performance

The TIMEPAC Academy is a dedicated space committed to offering comprehensive education, training, and resources tailored for professionals engaged in the building energy sector. With a specific emphasis on building assessment and certification, our platform equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in evaluating and certifying building energy performance. Through a range of specialized webinars, courses, and resources, the TIMEPAC Academy empowers professionals to play a pivotal role in advancing energy efficiency and sustainability within the built environment.

All our training sessions are offered free of charge

Who is it for?

The TIMEPAC Academy training programme is aimed at but not limited to:

By attending, you can enhance your understanding of energy-saving techniques, smart readiness, sustainability principles, and regulatory requirements related to building assessment and certification.

Our aim:

TIMEPAC Academy’s goal is to pave the way for Europe’s new Energy Performance Certification methods, tools and skills by offering a series of webinars and in-class courses based on the knowledge acquired over the course of the project devising future scenarios for enhanced EPCs.

The long-term ambition is to integrate this training into existing professional courses through the collaboration of educational institutions,  and public authorities across Europe.

Why register?

  • Stay updated about the latest developments in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and improve your professional expertise to become a valuable stakeholder in the task to decarbonize the building sector.
  • By participating in our training programme, you will receive a TIMEPAC certificate as recognition of your attendance.

All our training sessions are offered free of charge