Towards a dynamic and enhanced EPC: advanced procedures for building assessment and certification

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Start: November 21, 2023 9:00 am

End: November 21, 2023 6:00 pm

Chair: Susanne Geissler, SERA global GmbH, TIMEPAC partner, Vienna, Austria

Join building energy efficiency experts in Vienna for the 2023 edition of the TIMEPAC International Workshop to learn about the latest developments in energy performance certification.

Renovating Europe’s building stock is essential to help achieve a higher degree of energy efficiency and meet Europe’s clime goals. Enhancing energy performance certification is crucial in driving this renovation.

The TIMEPAC 2023 workshop offers researchers and professionals involved in the energy efficiency and assessment of buildings, the opportunity to share insights and outcomes regarding the anticipated changes in the energy performance certification within the context of the ongoing recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

It is also an excellent occasion to learn about the initial outcomes of the TIMEPAC project – now at the end of its second year of activity – and explore paths for future collaborations between participants.

We look forward to welcoming representatives from the private sector, public administration, academia, and research who are interested in the ongoing changes in building assessment and retrofitting, aligned with the goals of the European Green Deal.

The workshop is held on-site in English language and is Online accessible for remote audiences via live stream.

The 2023 edition of the TIMEPAC workshop will be structured in four sessions focusing on the following themes:

Using BIM for the EPC generation process

In this session, we will explore the procedures used to obtain data from Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Energy Performance Certification (EPC) generation, while also delving into the benefits of utilizing BIM for creating the EPC.

Integrating data sources in renovation roadmaps

This session explores the benefits of establishing linkages between Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), energy audits, logbooks, and Building Renovation Passports (BRPs) and how it can impact cost savings and reliable decision-making.

Enhanced EPC - integrating additional indicators, SRI, and BRP

This session will discuss the advantages and challenges of integrating additional sustainability indicators such as IAQs and SRIs.

Supporting the Renovation Wave

In this session, we will aim to identify new approaches to identify and track the implementation of renovation measures, to ensure that decarbonisation the building stock is actually achieved.


The EU Green Deal and the amended Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) have prioritized the urgency of increasing building retrofitting rates. In this context, energy performance certification is expected to play a crucial role in the renovation of the European building stock.

The current Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are inexpensive but often suffer from low data quality and a lack of sufficient customization to match the actual building conditions. Additionally, their 10 year validity period means they frequently fail to reflect the current status of the building. Overall, there is room for improvement in terms of market acceptance. There exists a clear trade-off between the cost of issuing a comprehensive and tailored EPC and customers’ willingness to pay for it. Lastly, professional certifiers need training in methods and tools that enable them to deliver accurate and reliable certificates.

Nowadays, there are number of EU research projects which are working to improve existing energy certification processes by moving from single, static certification to more holistic and dynamic approaches. This workshop provides an opportunity to exchange the results of these projects and continue progressing towards more effective building certification processes.

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TIMEPAC 2023 is a hybrid event that will take place at IG Architektur in Vienna, Austria.