Register to TIMEPAC-2022: Enhancing energy performance certification to drive the deep renovation of Europe’s building stock

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Join building energy efficiency experts in Turin for the 2022 edition of the TIMEPAC workshop to learn about the latest developments in energy performance certification. 

Politecnico di Torino is organising, in the frame of the EU funded TIMEPAC project, the TIMEPAC-2022 workshop on “Enhancing energy performance certification to drive the deep renovation of Europe’s building stock”, which will take place on 30th of November, 2022, at the Energy Center House  from 9am to 6pm CEST.

TIMEPAC-2022 will  provide a better understanding of the needs to work in line with the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, including the enhancement of energy performance certificates (EPC) with additional data, facilitating access to EPC repositories, and integrating BIM in the building renovation process with the aim to set up common methodologies and guidelines for the energy performance assessment in buildings which can be replicated in other Member States.

The workshop will be structured in three sessions focusing on the following themes:

  • Session 1 – Enhanced EPC in the framework of legislative evolution. This session explores new EPBD regulations and strategies for the EPC enhancement through a dynamic, flexible, and holistic energy certification process to boost the deep renovation of EU building stock.
  • Session 2 – Methods and tools to assess zero emission buildings and advanced technologies. This session deals with the improvement of methods and tools to assess the energy performance of buildings and building components, toward the climate-neutral building target.
  • Session 3 – Capacity building and training perspectives. Innovative education and training perspectives are covered in this session to allow public authorities, ESCOs, technicians, and end-users to develop advanced skills and competencies in the context of transition to low-carbon societies.

For agenda and registration to the 2022 edition of the TIMEPAC workshop please visit:

Participants who wish to present their work in any of the three sessions will be able to submit their presentation proposal (abstract) via the registration form.

Please note: the presentation will be either in-person or online, while the attendance will be only in-person.

The deadline for submission of the abstracts is the 10th of November 2022. 



Renovating Europe’s building stock is essential to help achieve a higher degree of energy efficiency and meet Europe’s climate goals.  A key driver of this renovation is to improve the building assessment process.  Enhancing energy performance certification, through new monitoring tools and data sources, is therefore crucial to support renovation decision making. Furthermore, new standards and regulations on the collection and integration of building performance certification and assessment data must be agreed upon and implemented. Finally, public authorities, ESCOs, technicians and end-users will need to be equipped with the necessary skills to make efficient use of energy certification tools in order to move towards a low-carbon society.

The TIMEPAC International workshop series  offers researchers, policy makers, ESCOs, energy consultants, and other professionals involved in the energy efficiency and assessment of buildings, the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge and share research outputs and best practices. It is also an excellent occasion to explore paths for future collaborations between participants.