TIMEPAC gathers in Arona for 29th progress meeting

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News – Published the 1 December 2023

As TIMEPAC enters the final leg of the project,  partners gathered in Arona, Italy for the 29th project meeting, hosted by partners at Edilclima Software.

The main focus of the meeting was to discuss During the planning and details of the upcoming TIMEPAC Academy – a place where professionals from the building sector can meet, access innovative training materials, and learn new methodologies to help implement a more holistic approach to building assessment and enhanced EPC schemes.

Part of the knowledge that will be shared by the TIMEPAC Academy is based on the direct experiences and lessons learned from project activities called “Verification Scenarios” held across six EU countries: Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.

In these countries, TIMEPAC partners have worked hard to understand the barriers to building renovation and how best to overcome them with the ambition of supporting building professionals across Europe to work together, learn new skills, and develop more cost-efficient and sustainable practices.

The TIMEPAC Academy is due to be launched very soon with 6 upcoming webinars, 6 in class sessions and another series of webinars once the feedback from the first sessions has been accounted for. 

In parallel the consortium will explore different business models to better understand how the TIMEPAC Academy can be maintained beyond the lifetime of the project.