Exploring Enhanced EPCs and Smart Readiness in Building Operation in Cyprus

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The recent workshop organized by the Cyprus Energy Agency and the Cyprus University of Technology brought together stakeholders to discuss crucial aspects of the Verification Scenarios developed as part of the TIMEPAC project. Participants delved into topics related to smart readiness indicators (SRI), enhanced Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), and the integration of sustainability indicators.

Exploring Key Perspectives: Professionals and End-Users

The workshop provided a platform for professionals and end-users to share their perspectives on enhancing EPCs and integrating SRIs. Energy experts expressed interest in incorporating SRIs into assessments to improve building performance evaluations and provide clients with clear techno-economic justifications for energy efficiency measures. Conversely, end-users emphasized the importance of obtaining accurate building certificates and sought benchmarks for targeted energy upgrades.

Enhancing Building Operation: Insights and Implications

Discussions centered on the ways in which enhanced EPCs could improve building operation and indoor environmental quality. Participants explored the potential impact of including SRIs and sustainability indicators in EPCs, highlighting their role in helping building managers and end-users make informed choices to enhance building operation and sustainability.

Prioritizing Value and Investment Benefits

Both professionals and end-users prioritized the added value of their work or property, emphasizing the importance of accurate building certificates and the assurance of potential investment benefits. Participants recognized the significance of considering “hidden” benefits such as thermal comfort when making investment decisions, underscoring the holistic approach needed for effective energy performance certification.

A prevailing sentiment among participants is the urgent need for stronger laws and government support to drive building decarbonization and climate action. By adopting energy-efficient methods, we not only cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, fighting climate change, but also enhance comfort.

Next Steps: Towards Enhanced Building Operation and Sustainability
Moving forward, the insights gathered from the workshop will inform further developments in the TIMEPAC project, guiding efforts to enhance building operation and sustainability. Stakeholders will continue to collaborate to address challenges and leverage opportunities in energy performance certification, ultimately advancing the project’s objectives and contributing to a more sustainable built environment.