TIMEPAC gathers in Vienna for 27th progress meeting

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After the successful TIMEPAC 2023 workshop, on the 21st November in Vienna, our partners gathered the following day for a progress meeting to review local engagement activities in TIMEPAC’s six “Verification Scenarios” in Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.

Here, several partners have been carrying out a series of workshops with local stakeholders to showcase some of the new approaches to enhanced energy performance certification developed within the project (and in line with the EU’s EBPD) in each country and better understand the challenges and feasibility of implementing new building assessment methods in each specific region.

Some preliminary takeaways from these Verification Scenarios will be shared on the TIMEPAC website in the coming weeks and months. You can already start by reading about the experiences in Italy

As TIMEPAC enters its final phase, and all the feedback from the Verification Scenarios is taken into account, the focus will be on developing a series of training materials culminating in the launch of the TIMEPAC Academy – a training platform to help the next generation of building experts get to grips with the latest building assessment methodologies.

Stay tuned for further updates and don’t forget to check out our latest public reports to find detailed information on all project outcomes so far.