Empowering Building Professionals: Insights from TIMEPAC’s Verification Scenarios in Italy

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In a series of recent gatherings of key building stakeholders in Torino, the TIMEPAC project took significant strides toward addressing the evolving landscape of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). The meetings, hosted by Regione Piemonte, Edilclima, and Politecnico di Torino, brought together 30 experts from various sectors to deliberate on pressing issues and potential solutions in order to unlock the potential of enhanced Energy Performance Certificates in the Italian context (Verification Scenario). 

Training for Impact 

One of the urgent needs identified was the training of professionals and certifiers. However, the consensus was clear: training alone is not enough. For EPCs to truly make an impact, there must be robust controls by public bodies. The public sector’s involvement was emphasized as an added value, positioning their pre-checks as a form of consultancy service to elevate the overall quality of certifications. 

Navigating New Indicators and Procedures 

As the industry witnesses a wave of new indicators and procedures, TIMEPAC recognizes the challenge of translating these into qualified services. Many of these changes are implemented formally to meet procedural requirements, rather than adding substantive value. In response, the TIMEPAC project introduces the TIMEPAC Academy, a dedicated training service set to launch in the final stages and extend beyond the project’s conclusion. 

Integration and Reliability: A Dual Imperative 

Stakeholders highlighted the critical role of integration in maximizing the usefulness of EPCs for large-scale statistical analysis, particularly for municipal planning. In the Piemonte Region, for example, the integration of the EPC database with the Regional Inventory of heating systems was identified as a high-potential synergy. However, the stakeholders underlined that data must be not only integrated but also reliable. To achieve this, they suggested implementing automatic checks on data entry to eliminate typing mistakes and ensure consistency. 

Workshop Insights: Shaping the Future 

The workshops taking place in Italy are part of a series of local workshops taking place in each of TIMEPAC’s Verification Scenarios and serve as a validation exercise for the methodologies developed in TIMEPAC. The collaboration between Regione Piemonte, Edilclima, and Politecnico di Torino exemplifies a concerted effort to gather valuable feedback from experts. The outcomes of these workshops will play a pivotal role in shaping the training activities planned for the project’s final stages and beyond. 

Looking Ahead 

As TIMEPAC enters its final phase, the project remains committed to refining its methodologies and empowering professionals in the field. The insights gained from the Torino workshops serve as a compass, guiding the project toward a future where EPCs are not only compliant with new norms but also wielded as powerful tools for sustainable and informed decision-making. 

Stay tuned for more updates from TIMEPAC as the project continues to unfold its mission of advancing energy performance certifications and driving positive change in Europe’s building sector.