TIMEPAC Verification Scenario Workshop: Improving building operation with enhanced EPCs in Italy

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On 21 July,  TIMEPAC partners Regione Piemonte. Edilclima and Politecnico di Torino organized the first “Verification workshop” of the project at INRIM.

At the workshop, several stakeholders from the Italian building sector were invited to explore how building managers and end-users can extract information from the new enhanced EPCs. The workshop was organized at INRIM which is a National Research Institute with a large building stock. The campsite has an overall surface of 130.000 m2; it has 132 laboratories with an overall heated volume of 182.000 m3. The Institute has 272 employees, and the yearly consumption of electricity is about 6.200 MWh, whereas the consumption of methane gas is about 750.000 m3/y.

Thanks to an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), INRIM renovated some of their buildings with the installation of 500 kWp of PV capacity, internal relamping, insulation of external walls of 7 buildings of the campus and replacement of the heating system. The overall investment was of 2 million € with a guaranteed performance of 22% of the gas and 28,5% of electricity. Renovation works are ongoing, and the contract will be managed by the awarded ESCO for a duration of 14 years. Thanks to the energy savings generated, the investments will be repaid to the ESCO. The performance is monitored thanks to a Verification and Measurement Plan that was part of the contractual documents.

The workshop highlighted the importance of operational data for an enhanced EPC, starting from the Verification and Measurement Protocol adopted by INRIM and the outcomes of the TIMEPAC project. A key goal was to understand how TIMEPAC developments could fit into the purposes of future Energy Performance Contracts or similar initiatives.

 The Energy Performance Contract that was used to implement the energy efficiency works was presented by INRIM whereas Environment Park provided an insight on the Verification and Measurement Protocol adopted. The TIMEPAC project was introduced by Regione Piemonte, while the Politecnico di Torino presented the assessment and conclusions of TIMEPAC in the field of using operational data.

An open discussion with the presence of the ESCO that oversees the contract and a Training Center (ITS Energia Piemonte), that is intended to establish their premises nearby with potential cooperation as Energy Community with INRIM campsite, closed the session.


Download the workshop presentations for further insights (in Italian):

I lavori di riqualificazione energetica (INRiM)

Il Piano di Verifica e Misura della Performance  (EnviPark)

Introduzione a  TIMEPAC_(Regione Piemonte)

Utilizzo dei dati reali per un nuovo sistema di certificazione (Politecnico Torino)